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MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker:
MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker MoreMountains.Tools.MMMonoBehaviour

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnMMFeedbacksShakeEvent (MMChannelData channelData=null, bool useRange=false, float eventRange=0f, Vector3 eventOriginPosition=default(Vector3))
override void StartListening ()
 Starts listening for events More...
override void StopListening ()
 Stops listening for events More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker
virtual float GetTime ()
virtual float GetDeltaTime ()
virtual void ForceInitialization ()
 Call this externally if you need to force a new initialization More...
virtual void StartShaking ()
 Starts shaking the values More...
virtual void Play ()
 Starts this shaker More...
virtual void Stop ()
 Stops this shaker More...
virtual float ComputeRangeIntensity (bool useRange, float rangeDistance, bool useRangeFalloff, AnimationCurve rangeFalloff, Vector2 remapRangeFalloff, Vector3 rangePosition)

Protected Member Functions

override void Initialization ()
 On init we initialize our values More...
override void ShakeStarts ()
 Describes what happens when a shake starts More...
virtual void Reset ()
 When that shaker gets added, we initialize its shake duration More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker
virtual void Awake ()
 On Awake we grab our volume and profile More...
virtual void GrabInitialValues ()
 A method designed to collect initial values More...
virtual void Update ()
 On Update, we shake our values if needed, or reset if our shake has ended More...
virtual void Shake ()
 Override this method to implement shake over time More...
virtual float ShakeFloat (AnimationCurve curve, float remapMin, float remapMax, bool relativeIntensity, float initialValue)
 A method used to "shake" a flot over time along a curve More...
virtual Color ShakeGradient (Gradient gradient)
virtual void ResetTargetValues ()
 Resets the values on the target More...
virtual void ResetShakerValues ()
 Resets the values on the shaker More...
virtual void ShakeComplete ()
 Describes what happens when the shake is complete More...
virtual void OnEnable ()
 On enable we start shaking if needed More...
virtual void OnDestroy ()
 On destroy we stop listening for events More...
virtual void OnDisable ()
 On disable we complete our shake if it was in progress More...
virtual bool CheckEventAllowed (MMChannelData channelData, bool useRange=false, float range=0f, Vector3 eventOriginPosition=default(Vector3))
 Returns true if this shaker should listen to events, false otherwise More...

Protected Attributes

MMFeedbacks _mmFeedbacks
- Protected Attributes inherited from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker
float _shakeStartedTimestamp = -Single.MaxValue
float _remappedTimeSinceStart
bool _resetShakerValuesAfterShake
bool _resetTargetValuesAfterShake
float _journey

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker
MMChannelModes ChannelMode = MMChannelModes.Int
int Channel = 0
 the channel to listen to - has to match the one on the feedback More...
MMChannel MMChannelDefinition = null
float ShakeDuration = 0.2f
 the duration of the shake, in seconds More...
bool PlayOnAwake = false
 if this is true this shaker will play on awake More...
bool PermanentShake = false
 if this is true, the shaker will shake permanently as long as its game object is active More...
bool Interruptible = true
 if this is true, a new shake can happen while shaking More...
bool AlwaysResetTargetValuesAfterShake = false
 if this is true, this shaker will always reset target values, regardless of how it was called More...
bool OnlyUseShakerValues = false
 if this is true, this shaker will ignore any value passed in an event that triggered it, and will instead use the values set on its inspector More...
float CooldownBetweenShakes = 0f
 a cooldown, in seconds, after a shake, during which no other shake can start More...
bool Shaking = false
 whether or not this shaker is shaking right now More...
bool ForwardDirection = true
TimescaleModes TimescaleMode = TimescaleModes.Scaled
virtual MMChannelData ChannelData => new MMChannelData(ChannelMode, Channel, MMChannelDefinition)
virtual bool ListeningToEvents => _listeningToEvents

Member Function Documentation

◆ Initialization()

override void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.Initialization ( )

On init we initialize our values

Reimplemented from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker.

◆ OnMMFeedbacksShakeEvent()

virtual void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.OnMMFeedbacksShakeEvent ( MMChannelData  channelData = null,
bool  useRange = false,
float  eventRange = 0f,
Vector3  eventOriginPosition = default(Vector3) 

◆ Reset()

virtual void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.Reset ( )

When that shaker gets added, we initialize its shake duration

◆ ShakeStarts()

override void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.ShakeStarts ( )

Describes what happens when a shake starts

Reimplemented from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker.

◆ StartListening()

override void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.StartListening ( )

Starts listening for events

Reimplemented from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker.

◆ StopListening()

override void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker.StopListening ( )

Stops listening for events

Reimplemented from MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMShaker.

Member Data Documentation

◆ _mmFeedbacks

MMFeedbacks MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMFeedbacksShaker._mmFeedbacks

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