Feel  3.16
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MMAudioAnalyzer.cs File Reference


class  MoreMountains.Tools.PeaksSaver
 A static class used to save / load peaks once they've been computed
struct  MoreMountains.Tools.MMBeatEvent
 An event you can listen to that will get automatically triggered for every remapped beat More...
class  MoreMountains.Tools.Beat
class  MoreMountains.Tools.MMAudioAnalyzer
 This component lets you pick an audio source (either global : the whole scene's audio, a unique source, or the microphone), and will cut it into chunks that you can then use to emit beat events, that other objects can consume and act upon. The sample interval is the frequency at which sound will be analyzed, the amount of spectrum samples will determine the accuracy of the sampling, the window defines the method used to reduce leakage, and the number of bands will determine in how many bands you want to cut the sound. The more bands, the more levers you'll have to play with afterwards. In general, for all of these settings, higher values mean better quality and lower performance. The buffer speed determines how fast buffered band levels readjust. More...


namespace  MoreMountains
namespace  MoreMountains.Tools