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MoreMountains.Tools.MMPlaylistPlayIndexEvent Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

delegate void Delegate (int channel, int index)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Register (Delegate callback)
static void Unregister (Delegate callback)
static void Trigger (int channel, int index)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Delegate()

delegate void MoreMountains.Tools.MMPlaylistPlayIndexEvent.Delegate ( int  channel,
int  index 

◆ Register()

static void MoreMountains.Tools.MMPlaylistPlayIndexEvent.Register ( Delegate  callback)

◆ Trigger()

static void MoreMountains.Tools.MMPlaylistPlayIndexEvent.Trigger ( int  channel,
int  index 

◆ Unregister()

static void MoreMountains.Tools.MMPlaylistPlayIndexEvent.Unregister ( Delegate  callback)

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