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MoreMountains.Tools.MMGridGeneratorPerlinNoiseGround Class Reference

Generates a grid with a ground floor More...

Inheritance diagram for MoreMountains.Tools.MMGridGeneratorPerlinNoiseGround:

Static Public Member Functions

static int[,] Generate (int width, int height, float seed)
 Generates a grid with a ground floor More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MoreMountains.Tools.MMGridGenerator
static int[,] PrepareGrid (ref int width, ref int height)
 Prepares the grid array for use in the generate methods More...
static bool SetGridCoordinate (int[,] grid, int x, int y, int value)
 Carves or adds to the grid More...
static int[,] TilemapToGrid (Tilemap tilemap, int width, int height)
 Converts a tilemap's contents into a grid More...
static void DebugGrid (int[,] grid, int width, int height)
 Outputs the contents of a grid More...
static int GetValueAtGridCoordinate (int[,] grid, int x, int y, int errorValue)
 Returns the int value at the specified coordinate on a grid More...
static int[,] InvertGrid (int[,] grid)
 Inverts the contents of a grid (1 becomes 0, 0 becomes 1) More...
static int[,] SmoothenGrid (int[,] grid)
 Smoothens a grid to get rid of spikes / isolated points More...
static int[,] ApplySafeSpots (int[,] grid, List< MMTilemapGeneratorLayer.MMTilemapGeneratorLayerSafeSpot > safeSpots)
 Carves "safe spots" with 0s into the specfied grid More...
static int[,] BindGrid (int[,] grid, bool top, bool bottom, bool left, bool right)
 Adds bounds (walls made of 1) to a grid, on the selected sides More...
static int GetAdjacentWallsCount (int[,] grid, int x, int y)
 Returns the amount of adjacent walls for a specific coordinate More...

Detailed Description

Generates a grid with a ground floor

Member Function Documentation

◆ Generate()

static int [,] MoreMountains.Tools.MMGridGeneratorPerlinNoiseGround.Generate ( int  width,
int  height,
float  seed 

Generates a grid with a ground floor


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