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MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D Class Reference

2D Implementation of the CinemachineZone abstract class More...

Inheritance diagram for MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D:

Protected Attributes

Collider2D _collider2D
Collider2D _confinerCollider2D
Rigidbody2D _confinerRigidbody2D
CompositeCollider2D _confinerCompositeCollider2D
BoxCollider2D _boxCollider2D
CircleCollider2D _circleCollider2D
PolygonCollider2D _polygonCollider2D
- Protected Attributes inherited from MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone
GameObject _confinerGameObject
Vector3 _gizmoSize

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone
enum  Modes { Modes.Enable, Modes.Priority }
- Public Attributes inherited from MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone
Modes Mode = Modes.Enable
 whether to enable/disable virtual cameras, or to play on their priority for transitions More...
bool CameraStartsActive = false
 whether or not the camera in this zone should start active More...
int EnabledPriority = 10
 when in priority mode, the priority this camera should have when the zone is active More...
int DisabledPriority = 0
 when in priority mode, the priority this camera should have when the zone is inactive More...
LayerMask TriggerMask
 a layermask containing all the layers that should activate this zone More...
bool SetupConfinerOnStart = false
 whether or not the zone should auto setup its camera's confiner on start - alternative is to manually click the ManualSetupConfiner, or do your own setup More...
bool GenerateConfinerSetup
 a debug button used to setup the confiner on click More...
bool CurrentRoom = false
 whether this room is the current room or not More...
bool RoomVisited = false
 whether this room has already been visited or not More...
UnityEvent OnEnterZoneForTheFirstTimeEvent
 a UnityEvent to trigger when entering the zone for the first time More...
UnityEvent OnEnterZoneEvent
 a UnityEvent to trigger when entering the zone More...
UnityEvent OnExitZoneEvent
 a UnityEvent to trigger when exiting the zone More...
List< GameObject > ActivationList
 a list of gameobjects to enable when entering the zone, and disable when exiting it More...
bool DrawGizmos = true
 whether or not to draw shape gizmos to help visualize the zone's bounds More...
Color GizmosColor
 the color of the gizmos to draw in edit mode More...

Detailed Description

2D Implementation of the CinemachineZone abstract class

Member Data Documentation

◆ _boxCollider2D

BoxCollider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._boxCollider2D

◆ _circleCollider2D

CircleCollider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._circleCollider2D

◆ _collider2D

Collider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._collider2D

◆ _confinerCollider2D

Collider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._confinerCollider2D

◆ _confinerCompositeCollider2D

CompositeCollider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._confinerCompositeCollider2D

◆ _confinerRigidbody2D

Rigidbody2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._confinerRigidbody2D

◆ _polygonCollider2D

PolygonCollider2D MoreMountains.Tools.MMCinemachineZone2D._polygonCollider2D

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