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MoreMountains.Tools.FogSettings Class Reference

A simple class used to store fog properties More...

Public Attributes

bool FogEnabled = true
Color FogColor = Color.white
float FogDensity = 0.01f
UnityEngine.FogMode FogMode = FogMode.ExponentialSquared

Detailed Description

A simple class used to store fog properties

Member Data Documentation

◆ FogColor

Color MoreMountains.Tools.FogSettings.FogColor = Color.white

◆ FogDensity

float MoreMountains.Tools.FogSettings.FogDensity = 0.01f

◆ FogEnabled

bool MoreMountains.Tools.FogSettings.FogEnabled = true

◆ FogMode

UnityEngine.FogMode MoreMountains.Tools.FogSettings.FogMode = FogMode.ExponentialSquared

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