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MMSwipeZone.cs File Reference


class  MoreMountains.Tools.SwipeEvent
struct  MoreMountains.Tools.MMSwipeEvent
 An event usually triggered when a swipe happens. It contains the swipe "base" direction, and detailed information if needed (angle, length, origin and destination More...
class  MoreMountains.Tools.MMSwipeZone
 Add a swipe manager to your scene, and it'll trigger MMSwipeEvents everytime a swipe happens. From its inspector you can determine the minimal length of a swipe. Shorter swipes will be ignored More...


namespace  MoreMountains
namespace  MoreMountains.Tools


enum  MoreMountains.Tools.MMPossibleSwipeDirections { MoreMountains.Tools.MMPossibleSwipeDirections.Up, MoreMountains.Tools.MMPossibleSwipeDirections.Down, MoreMountains.Tools.MMPossibleSwipeDirections.Left, MoreMountains.Tools.MMPossibleSwipeDirections.Right }
 The possible directions a swipe can have More...