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MMSaveLoadManagerMethods.cs File Reference


interface  MoreMountains.Tools.IMMSaveLoadManagerMethod
 An interface to implement save and load using different methods (binary, json, etc) More...
class  MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerEncrypter
 This class implements methods to encrypt and decrypt streams More...


namespace  MoreMountains
namespace  MoreMountains.Tools


enum  MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerMethods { MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerMethods.Json, MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerMethods.JsonEncrypted, MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerMethods.Binary, MoreMountains.Tools.MMSaveLoadManagerMethods.BinaryEncrypted }
 The possible methods to save and load files to and from disk available in the MMSaveLoadManager More...