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MMEventManager.cs File Reference


struct  MoreMountains.Tools.MMGameEvent
 MMGameEvents are used throughout the game for general game events (game started, game ended, life lost, etc.) More...
class  MoreMountains.Tools.MMEventManager
 This class handles event management, and can be used to broadcast events throughout the game, to tell one class (or many) that something's happened. Events are structs, you can define any kind of events you want. This manager comes with MMGameEvents, which are basically just made of a string, but you can work with more complex ones if you want.
class  MoreMountains.Tools.EventRegister
 Static class that allows any class to start or stop listening to events
interface  MoreMountains.Tools.MMEventListenerBase
 Event listener basic interface More...
interface  MoreMountains.Tools.MMEventListener< T >
 A public interface you'll need to implement for each type of event you want to listen to. More...
class  MoreMountains.Tools.MMEventListenerWrapper< TOwner, TTarget, TEvent >


namespace  MoreMountains
namespace  MoreMountains.Tools