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MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMF_PlayerEvent Struct Reference

Events triggered by a MMFeedbacks when playing a series of feedbacks More...

Public Types

enum  EventTypes {
  EventTypes.Play, EventTypes.Pause, EventTypes.Resume, EventTypes.Revert,

Public Member Functions

delegate void Delegate (MMF_Player source, EventTypes type)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Register (Delegate callback)
static void Unregister (Delegate callback)
static void Trigger (MMF_Player source, EventTypes type)

Detailed Description

Events triggered by a MMFeedbacks when playing a series of feedbacks

  • play : when a MMFeedbacks starts playing
  • pause : when a holding pause is met
  • resume : after a holding pause resumes
  • revert : when a MMFeedbacks reverts its play direction
  • complete : when a MMFeedbacks has played its last feedback

to listen to these events :

public virtual void OnMMFeedbacksEvent(MMFeedbacks source, EventTypes type) { // do something }

protected virtual void OnEnable() { MMFeedbacksEvent.Register(OnMMFeedbacksEvent); }

protected virtual void OnDisable() { MMFeedbacksEvent.Unregister(OnMMFeedbacksEvent); }

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EventTypes


Member Function Documentation

◆ Delegate()

delegate void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMF_PlayerEvent.Delegate ( MMF_Player  source,
EventTypes  type 

◆ Register()

static void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMF_PlayerEvent.Register ( Delegate  callback)

◆ Trigger()

static void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMF_PlayerEvent.Trigger ( MMF_Player  source,
EventTypes  type 

◆ Unregister()

static void MoreMountains.Feedbacks.MMF_PlayerEvent.Unregister ( Delegate  callback)

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